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Here you can find the latest industry news about frozen squid. And EasySeafood, as the world's leading brand of frozen squid trade, will update the frozen calamari market and company information at a very fast speed.

Russian regulatory authorities plan to reduce the total allowable catch (TAC) of pollock in the Far East in 2025 in response to the recommendations of industry organizations.

Russia plans to reduce Far East pollock catch

Argentina’s fishery exports performed strongly in April, with significant year-on-year growth in both volume and value.

Argentine squid exports surge in April

Vietnam's Tra fish is mainly exported to China

Is Vietnam's "treasure" Tra fish the same as Basa fish?

The Peruvian Ministry of Production recently announced the fishing quota for giant squid (Dosidicus gigas) in 2024, with the total volume set at 499,683 tons, a 14% decrease from previous years.

Peru’s 24-year squid fishing quota announced

Seafood Source released a report on May 23 stating that Ecuadorian shrimp exports were significantly affected in March.

Ecuador's shrimp exports to China continue to decline

The Thai Ministry of Fisheries recently issued a new announcement on the import procedures for aquatic products, entitled "Regulations, Methods and Conditions for Application for Import Permits for Aquatic Animals or Aquatic Animal Products", which revised part of the existing procedures and aims to tighten and strengthen the import process for aquatic products. It will take effect on May 7.

Thailand recently tightened its seafood import procedures
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